Talent Strategy

     Weiqiao Pioneering Group attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, and strives to build an outstanding talent team with "loyal enterprise, strong style, strong innovation and technical reform ability", centering on the realization of the vision goal of "keeping the leading edge and striving to be the industry pioneer". Speed up the introduction of high-end talents, do a good job in selection and retention, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

     The group has always followed the people-oriented management philosophy, regarded the construction of the talent team as the first driving force of the group's development, highlighted the leadership, innovative talent, skilled talents and team building, worked hard to improve the level of talent team building, and made every effort to build a team that was in line with the strategic development of the group.

     The Group has always paid attention to the growth of employees, and established management personnel selection and incentive mechanisms in accordance with the principle of “the capable ones are promoted, and the mediocre ones are eliminated”. We adopt many ways of training, such as teachers and apprentices, on-the-job training, vocational skills competition, special training, academic education promotion, independent evaluation of skilled talents, etc. to continuously unblock career development channels, to help employees achieve career development goals, provide employees with opportunities and platforms to realize their self-worth, and achieve harmonious development between employees and the company.

Education Training
  • Management training
    By organizing high-level executives to participate in high-end entrepreneurial forums, summits, annual meetings, visits to successful companies, and attend high-end lectures, help them develop strategic thinking, improve business philosophy, improve scientific decision-making capabilities and management capabilities, and comprehensively improve management level.
  • Skilled personnel training
    The group attaches great importance to the training of skilled personnel, gives full play to the role of skilled personnel in "passing, helping and leading", carries out annual technical competition activities, grandly commends skilled personnel, and relies on the company's independent evaluation of qualifications to do a good job of skill level assessment, forming a relatively complete skilled talent evaluation system, plans to increase 3,000 skilled talents within 5 years, so that the skill level of skilled personnel will be improved as a whole.
  • New employee training
    The group also focuses on training newly recruited employees on company culture, national laws and regulations, labor discipline, safety production, craftsmanship, quality awareness, political and ideological education, etc., and guide employees to integrate into the company as soon as possible and adapt to the company's work and living environment.
Social Recruitment