• Responsibility report

    The group has always been firmly committed to the belief of "doing business for the country and benefiting the people", and has taken driving the local economic development and building a harmonious society as the driving force and self-conscious pursuit of the enterprise. It has played some roles in solving the problems of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and promoting urbanization construction. The first is to strive to increase national and local fiscal revenues. It has always paid taxes strictly in accordance with the law and has paid more than 90 billion Yuan in taxes for the country. The second is to expand the employment of farmers and promote urbanization. Currently, 95% of the group's 100,000 employees are from rural areas, and 95,000 rural surplus labors have achieved employment. The third is to promote the "Project of Living and Working in Peace and Prosperity". Provide affordable housing for employees at cost prices. At present, more than 50,000 households have been built to live in, which has solved the problem of left-behind children and left-behind elderly after farmers turn into industrial workers. There are outpatient hospitals near each industrial park, allowing employees to enjoy simple medical services at a cost price nearby. It has built 10 provincial-level standardized high-standard kindergartens for the children of employees, and invested in the construction of local primary and secondary schools to facilitate the children of employees to enter the kindergartens nearby; in order to effectively solve the worries of employees, the group buys social insurance for the employees.

  • Environmental governance

    The group attaches great importance to environmental protection work and consciously strengthens environmental protection governance. In recent years, it has invested 10 billion Yuan to strengthen environmental protection governance and has taken the lead in the industry to achieve ultra-low emissions of thermal power units, alumina, and electrolytic aluminum. After the ultra-low emission of thermal power generators, the pollutant sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and soot emission concentrations are respectively about 15 mg/m3, 25 mg/m3, and 1 mg/m3, which are far better than the emission standards of natural gas generator sets of 35 mg/m3 of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides 50 mg/m3, and soot 5 mg/m3. After the ultra-low emission of electrolytic aluminum, the particulate matter is 2 mg/m3 and sulfur dioxide is 10 mg/m3, far better than the 20 mg/m3 particulate matter and 200 mg/m3 required by the "Aluminum Industry Pollutant Emission Standard" The requirements of the company are in the leading international level.

While driving local economic development, the group company is enthusiastic about public welfare and charity, actively donating to disaster-stricken areas, poverty-stricken areas, extremely poor employees, and disadvantaged groups across the country, and vigorously supporting local public welfare undertakings such as transportation, education, and health. An excellent corporate citizen image of the society.
  • After the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, it donated 13.5 million Yuan of money and materials to the people in the disaster area.
  • The group is cooperated with Beijing Rainbow House Charity Organization to form 19 Weiqiao Rainbow Houses.
  • During the rampant period of the Ebola epidemic in 2015, we invested $1 million to build two medical stations.
  • For the COVID-19 epidemic, the company immediately donated 30 million Yuan for epidemic prevention and control.