2020 the Fifth International Aluminum Industry Chain Development Summit Forum was held
Author: Release Time:2021/01/17 00:00:00

On November 12, 2020 the Fifth International Aluminum Industry Chain Development Summit Forum was held in Sanya. The theme of this forum is "Salute to the past, dream for the future". More than 200 companies from all over the country and foreign companies in China participated in the forum.

In his speech, Zhang Bo pointed out that Weiqiao's understanding of the industry chain was to make the cake bigger, mutually beneficial and win-win, and create longer-term value through sharing. Only when the entire industrial chain was healthy and prosperous, would Weiqiao be healthy and prosperous. Weiqiao hoped to discuss with you how to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain and maintain the continuous competitiveness of the company under the current uncertain environment through the ideas and methods of the new development pattern of "double cycle" under the unprecedented changes in a century. . Combining the Central’s 14th Five-Year Plan, 2035 long-term goals, and the "New Weiqiao" vision, Zhang Bo shared that Weiqiao Pioneering Group used innovation to drive high-quality industrial development, relied on green recycling and low carbon to promote ecological civilization construction, and relied on open cooperation Several approaches to promote the new development pattern of "dual cycles".

Zhang Yanhong, Executive Director and Deputy General Manager of Weiqiao Pioneering Group, attended the Forum.

Also present at the forum were responsible comrades from relevant departments and counties in Binzhou City, Shandong Province and Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Under the witness of the leaders and guests present, a number of cooperation projects were signed.

So far, the International Aluminum Industry Chain Development Summit Forum jointly hosted by China Hongqiao Group and Shandong Innovation Group has been successfully held for 5 sessions.