Weiqiao Textile Customs AEO Advanced Certification enterprise awarding ceremony was held
Author: Weiqiao Pioneering Release Time:2021/01/17 00:00:00

On December 17, the Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd. Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Awarding Ceremony was held at the Group headquarters. Wang Bo, Director of Enterprise Management and Inspection Division of Jinan Customs, awarded Weiqiao Textile the license. Li Benhe, Commissioner of Binzhou Customs, Zhao Dong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Zouping Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and relevant personnel of Jinan Customs and Binzhou Customs attended the licensing ceremony.

Before the licensing ceremony, Wang Bo, Director of the Enterprise Management and Inspection Division of Jinan Customs, congratulated Weiqiao Textile on passing the customs AEO advanced certification. He said that Jinan Customs and Binzhou Customs would give full play to their functions, continuously improve the level of service enterprises, and make due contributions to promoting local economic development.

Zhang Hongxia, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Textile Corporation, thanked Jinan Customs and Binzhou Customs for their long-term care, support and help to the enterprise. She said that the implementation of advanced customs AEO certification had promoted the improvement of the overall management level of the enterprise. As one of the most influential cotton textile enterprises in the world, the company would further deepen the internal fine management of the enterprise, ensure the equipment and management level always in the world''s leading position in the process of industrial upgrading and the conversion of old and new driving forces, and promote the enterprise to achieve higher quality development.

Passing the AEO advanced certification means that the company will further improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce supply chain security risks, optimize capital costs, and improve product competitiveness in the global market.