Shandong Weiqiao Super Width Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd successfully developed photocatalyst air purification finishin
Author: 魏桥创业 Release Time:2020/09/25 00:00:00

Shandong Weiqiao Super Width Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd successfully developed photocatalyst air purification finishing fabrics. After testing, this fabric can effectively catalyze the decomposition and removal of harmful substances in the room, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and complex mixtures (such as cigarette smoke). It can decompose indoor harmful substances into carbon dioxide and water, remove organic stains and dirt, hinder the growth of microorganisms, and has a significant treatment effect, which can create a healthy and comfortable living environment for people.

This fabric has a very wide range of uses, can be used in living rooms, hotels, health care centers, convalescent centers, factories, offices, government departments, public transport systems, etc. According to the test of Rudolf laboratory in Germany, the formaldehyde removal rate of the fabric can reach 98%, and the effect is remarkable.