Weiqiao Textile has made new progress in the research and development of pure spun regenerated cellulose fiber home text
Author: Release Time:2020/12/06 09:55:22

Pure spun regenerated cellulose fiber home textile fabrics are a series of products developed under the "EcoCosy® Cellulose Fiber Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance Project" jointly launched by Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd, the National Textile Product Development Center and Sateri. Recently, through research and development, our company has solved the two major problems of the difficulty of pure spinning of high-count yarn of this material and the poor dimensional stability of the fabric, and realized the high-count application of pure spinning of regenerated cellulose material in the field of home textile.

This series of home textile fabrics are based on the green, sustainable, and degradable regenerated cellulose fiber, which highlights the fabric's excellent quality and superior cost-effective advantages. The fabric is silky, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly, with outstanding quality, which meets the consumer trend's demand for high-quality regenerated cellulose home textile products.